Portfolio Review

Hi there! I’m sure that you are curious about what portfolio you will have after the course. Don’t worry, and we will help you to develop your best skills and explore new digital experiences! Till now, check what we already did with The students who pass the interview after the foundation course.

Anastasiia Plotnikova, MA candidate 2019/20

It’s not an easy matter to find your place in the world if you have two completely different passions: a passion for art and a passion for technology. For all my life I’ve been separating them. I was studying only art and I didn’t feel myself in the right place. Then I decided to choose the technology way and to study Computer Science. I wasn’t very happy with this choice. But then I realized that my two passions can be com-bined: in design, computer graphics, animation, etc. Using art it’s possible to express yourself, to deliver the message in the most convenient and attractive way, to make the audience notice it. And technology makes it possible to achieve these goals faster, get the modern approach and create unbelievable things. I finally found the direction I feel the urge to follow: to breath the life into smart, incredible ideas, to make art technological and technology — artistic.

Agata Rudnicka, BA candidate 2019/20

At the beginning, there were doubts, uncertainty and many questions. That’s how my decision about leaving everything I’d been doing and going into a direction that has always been accompanying me. Since I can remember I’ve always been drawing in my free time, it didn’t matter if it was crayon on a paper or food on a plate. At school, I was “The artistic soul”, despite many lessons I was able to find time for creating because it was my springboard and a way to fulfill myself. I had to get lost for a while to realize how close is the answer to what I really want to do in my future.
Now I know I’ve made a good decision choosing this direction, I finally feel good about what I’m doing just because it makes me happy and strong like never before. I would love to become more involved in the digital fields of art because it gives more possibilities to communicate in many more ways than traditional tools. I want to open my mind for new possibilities and
learn how to bring my ideas into life. I would like to work in a job that will be my passion and I truly believe that New Media Arts would help me achieve that.

Miroslava Sidorova, BA candidate 2019/20

When I look back at myself, it feels like I have always been an artsy type. I loved looking at paintings and was fascinated by
the beauty of people’s imagination and talent. And maybe I knew from the very beginning, that I have a calling. Or perhaps, I wanted to have a calling. But anyway, it was a start point to where I am right now. I have been doodling at first, I didn’t take it seriously until eleven or twelve when I felt strong and a little confident in my skill. My family has been supportive, and I started to practice each day every day. Sketches, big works, anything that made my thoughts feel organized and expressed. Then came a time, when everything changed, and art wasn’t something that I wanted to do but needed to make myself stay sane. It all metamorphose into something completely different. It was almost screaming with my nihilistic worldviews. But we grow up, and my thoughts grew up as well as my skill. And now, after not a pretty phase, it has a form that you can see today. Life and death, beauty and ugliness, conflicting subjects mix themselves and transform into the art I want to create.


Yeva Ratsyn, BA candidate 2019/20

My name is Yeva Ratsyn, I am 18 years old girl from Ukraine. My whole life I was wondering where is my place in the world and whom should I become. There were so many things that I enjoy and at first glance all of them are worth to start with but almost two years ago I started learning how to paint and it literally changed all my life. Although it seems like I do not have as great skills as I wish at ones but I become better every day. I create my own style by making little steps one by one to my success-
ful future. My whole life I respect all kinds of art and take an active part in it creating with my voice or with my body movements. But now when I started creating things by my hands I desire to develop my own kind of beauty with all kinds of emotions and feelings in the way I want to see it. I will be really thankful if you give me an opportunity to start my study here and become that kind of person to which I seek for.

Phoung Vu, BA candidate 2018/19

As a child, I was mesmerized by my very first pencil and a box of crayon. Working with traditional tools has always been a favorite of mine to express feelings and creativity. When I get older, I become more involved in the digital creation by software and photography — which both of them I taught myself through years of working closely with creative directors, graphic designers, photographers, stylists etc. I had been working in the field of professional communication for the past 3 years, which to me was an extremely valuable experience.
I believe communication through digital mediums is the most powerful set of tools to send a message and to make an impact…

Ula Jedynak, BA candidate 2018/19

The two things I consider the most thrilling about art are the ability to bring to life the wolds that don’t yet exist and to tell the story behind them. Therefore I would like to work as a concept artist in the gaming industry or as an illustrator in the future. During my spare time, I scribble my ideas of imaginary characters and places. Apart from that, I try to read as much as I possibly can, most often fantasy books and works concerning religion, philosophy or psychology, but I don’t like to limit myself to those genres only. Sometimes, when inspiration kicks in, I write short stories. I’m also a beginner violinist fascinated by Irish folk tunes. I find inspiration in almost anything as my life passion is discovering the world.
I graduated from Władysław IV High School in
Warsaw, where I attended class with an extended pro-
gramme in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.
Due to a high level of English teaching in my school, I was
also able to pass CAE exam last year with a grade B.